About Us

Hey Boss Lady,

Welcome to Mayet Marie! We are so happy you stopped by to pay us a visit and let us help you dress your true inner ego in confidence and luxury. By the way, thats our slogan, "We Dress Your True Inner Ego". 

Here's a little background about our CEO so you can understand why she chose that slogan and started this amazing company!

Mayet is a native of Chicago. At 11 years old she moved with her family to Ethiopia, a beautiful country located in East Africa. She was also raised in a strict religion that restricted how she could express herself through her clothing. This really effected her self esteem, as she had fallen in love with fashion at a young age, creating her own clothes with fabrics she normally wore as a head wrap, she longed to express her true style to the world. At the age of 19, she flew back across the ocean with her infant daughter, possessing only her high school diploma and all her worldly belongings in one old and dusty suitcase. Though she had little to her name, she gained the freedom to show the world who she truly was on the inside and her love of fashion had only grown stronger. The first time she wore a pair of shorts, a mini skirt, pants more than once a week, a backless dress, she felt like she was finally who she was meant to be!

Sure this may sound silly to some, but to those who have ever been restricted from expressing themselves because of another person beliefs, this resonates strongly. Fashion is the first impression you give to this world. Before any words are exchanged, ideas are shared or interests are discovered, the first thing a person will notice is your outfit! Your fashion and style says so much about you  without you having to utter a word. 

Eight years after returning to Chicago, Mayet Marie Fashion Boutique was born. Its core value: Dressing women's true inner ego in luxury and confidence. The inner ego is the part of the personality that contains the highest aspirations and capabilities, your best self, the number one you. We want to recreate that powerful feeling our founder Mayet felt when she first wore the clothes that truly expressed who she was on the inside to the world.

We aim to offer you pieces that allow you to express your best self to the world. We want our Boss Ladies to feel confident, secure and luxurious. We want you to go to your closet, pick a Mayet Marie piece out and know you're going to feel like the truly powerful and amazing woman you were born to be. 

Thank you for choosing us.

Love Always,

Mayet Marie